Fly Bizzy (Yusuf Bizimana) on the process of working to be the best

In episode 91 of a runner’s life podcast, I speak with Yusuf Bizimana aka Fly Bizzy. He is currently running at the university of Texas for their track and field team and is doing well.

I came across him when he posted a 5k on his YouTube channel. And his personality and mindset really shines through.

In this conversation we talk about:

• The importance of mindset

• The importance of community and teamwork

• The mental process during training

• Accountability and being honest with yourself

• An insight into competing against the best

• How he manages the post race debrief

• Balancing running with college

• His olympic aspirations this year

• Putting himself outside his comfort zone

• And much more…

This is hands down one of my favourite conversations. I’m looking forward to seeing the heights he will go towards.


His social links are:

◦ Instagram: @flybizzy


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