Steph Davies and Aoife Cooke on qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics

As a fan of the sport, I was excited to speak with the following two athletes, in episode 89. Click this link to listen to the episode.

Steph Davies won the British Olympic marathon trials and qualified for the Tokyo Olympics and will represent Great Britain, she finished in 2:27:16 (this interview starts at 2:45).

Aoife Cooke won the Cheshire Elite Marathon and qualified for the Tokyo Olympics and will represent Ireland, she finished in 2:28:36 (this interview starts at 24:17). To listen to the previous conversation with Aoife check out episode 12.

Both athletes overcame different challenges within their running careers, which can get forgotten when both athletes looked in such good form earning the Olympic marathon qualifying times.

In both conversations we dive into the training build up, the race, and the work leading towards Olympics.

I wish them both a strong Olympic build up and great marathon race experience.


The social links are:

◦ Steph: @steph_davis26

◦ Aoife: @aoifecookefitness

Photos by

◦ Tom Dulat

◦ Mick Hall


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