What does the future of crew running look like?

For episode 98 of a runner’s life podcast we’re switching things up.

Today’s episode marks the first in a new series in collaboration with The Big Run podcast hosted by Danny Easton

We have joined up over the past few weeks to record a series of specials that we will be releasing monthly on both our podcasts a variety of subjects and topics that speak to us as runners and that we hope you enjoy.

It’s called The First Mile Always Lies and our first is a special round table of the Run Crew community.

Community is such an important part of running and it felt only right to shine some light on it as we slowly move back to normality.

Joining us in the special are Andre Coggins founder of Mafia Moves.

Lloyd Kempson founder of Team Project Run and Pure Sport Run Club

and Tasha Thompson founder of Black Girls Do Run.

A little later in the episode, we are joined on the phone by Duy Nguyen one of the Co-Founders of Korea Town Run Club out in LA.

We are grateful to Meus space for hosting us for the day, for Freeze-frame media to capturing the recording and to Exhale coffee for their support and excellent coffee that kept us chatting.

We hope you enjoy the episode, be sure to subscribe to be the first to hear when the new episode is released.

Thanks for listening and remember…

The First Mile Always lies

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