NoblePro E8i Treadmill Review

I typically train for marathons running on the roads, or the track but I became interested in using a treadmill, due to inclement weather, over the winter. Plus it was a way of controlling the speed for interval training, or fitting training around family life.

I’ve been using the NoblePro E8i Treadmill for over nine months and these are my thoughts.

The treadmill retails at approximately £1,349.00, once delivered the team from NoblePro set it up and provide a demo for use and maintenance.

The E8i model has a 10.1 inch integrated touchscreen, with WiFi connectivity for the apps including Netflix, YouTube, Strava etc. Plus it has integrated speakers and a fan.

Additionally you can use the official NoblePro app to link your runs on Strava.

One of my favourite integrated apps is the Real/View Run Mode, which is a looped view which makes my slower endurance based running more interesting when treadmill running.

I find the touchscreen buttons responsive, however other NoblePro treadmills do have physical buttons instead.

What’s it like to use

It has 20 incline levels, I typically keep it at levels 2-4 to replicate road conditions.

It has storage for your phone and water bottles.

It has a safety cord, which cuts the power in an emergency (shown above).

The max weight of the user is 135 kg and It has a generous running surface as shown below.

I currently use it in my garage, it’s easy to fold, place the security lock and store. Also it’s equally as straightforward to use the swivel function wheels to move it around, without lifting it. You can then use one touch and release with the easy to use kick down plate, once in position and start running. For a unit that’s 115 kg, it’s quite easy to manoeuvre around.

Technical details

Gym treadmills will routinely go up to 19-22.5km/h (12-14mph), but home-use machines will often top out at 12-16km/h. This treadmill’s Max speed is 20km/h.

The horsepower (HP) of the motor is important, when looking at a treadmill, you should look for a minimum of 2.5HP continuous power. This treadmill’s HP is 3.0HP, larger motor sizes like this are perfect for runners who train regularly.

There are 40 preset workouts to aid your training. However I tend to keep to my training from Coach John so I haven’t used them all in honesty.

It’s comfortable to run on, it uses the RunFlex™ cushioning which will reduce the impact of running. This feature is used in commercial NordicTrack treadmills.

The NoblePro product range comes with a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty which covers the frame of the equipment, motor, parts and labour. But you can get an extended warranty if required.

Overall it’s a sturdy, and comfortable treadmill to use. For me treadmills have a place, especially with interval training, training around bad weather, or trying to juggle training around family.

There’s a number of NoblePro models to suit your budget, which can be viewed on their website.

To get 5% off the treadmill range, use the code: marathon_marcus

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