Negative to Positive 

One of my favourite parts of my blog is the guest interviews, and I’ve been fortunate to connect with some great people. 

I think that people that tend to grow,  they know what they are good at, and what they aren’t so good at. So I always try and learn from better athletes. I recently asked in Facebook for advice about how I could work towards a sub 3 hour marathon. I’m not naturally a fast marathon runner, but in the words of Bart Yasso this rings true.

“I often hear someone say ‘I’m not a real runner’. We are all runners, some just run faster than others. I never met a fake runner”.

Since starting my social media profile I’ve interacted with some great people, but I always knew this day was coming. The attack of the troll behind the keyboard. Below are a couple of the best bits, after me asking for advice about getting a sub 3 hour marathon.

Ghirmay Ghebreslassie won the 2016 New York marathon in 2 hours, 7 minutes and 51 seconds. So does that mean that, once he crossed the line, that all other runners should be culled or given a talking to that running isn’t for them. 

The average finish time for the 2015 New York marathon was 4:38:27, so who is anyone to devalue any runners achievement. If you cover the 26.2 miles and earn the medal, you’ve got my respect. 

Running is inclusive and it’s a shame that there are people that devalue others achievements, even though they aren’t close to winning a world major themselves. 

Why do people devalue others ambition?

Have you had the experience where you show no ambition and it gets you no where? Or you’ve showed too much ambition, and you’ve been criticised for being too full of yourself?

To push outside your comfort zone and grow, you need to be ambitious and set big goals. If the goals are comfortable then where is the growth? 

I’m not a natural long distance runner, but I enjoy it. By setting a big goal, I hope to achieve my goal, but at best I hope to come somewhere near it. 

For me when I am criticised, I know what I am and what I’m not. Like Jay Z says brush the dirt off your shoulder.

Sometimes when people verbally attack you, the things they accuse you off, are things which they feel they lack. So by you projecting these qualities. They demonstrate that they feel threatened by you and the qualities you possess. Why give them that gift and not be you?


Insecure people bring people down whilst secure people bring people up.

This has been a learning experience for me, but the cost of putting yourself out there on social media is there will be people that like me, and people who dislike me. My profile is about highlighting how physical activity can benefit mental health. And showing that running isn’t only reserved for elite athletes but for everyone. This experience won’t weaken my drive to do that. 

Thank you to everyone for the kind messages of support, and for those who’ve reached out to help me out. I appreciate it a lot. For me to hear how it took some runners a number of attempts to achieve their sub 3 hour goal, it just reminds me not to lose heart.

This experience has given me more motivation and an extra ‘why’ to work towards my goal. 

A friend gave me some great advice that in future. To accept the comments both good and bad. Don’t fight every battle. With strength and determination continue to work diligently towards your goal.


  1. Paulineoconnell says:

    Marcus,your troll has (I’m ashamed to say) a common Irish name🙄🙄 and if I am right I apologise on behalf of the running community here for the hurtful ,passive aggressive comments about your running ability. I would suggest Neill you join some elite insta group if you find the efforts of others so trying. Marcus I believe in ” live and let live” so I advise you to ignore this troll..he obviously thrives on controversy..and do what you do best my friend…help others with your incredible courage and strength through your running and keep “posing ” lovvvve the shots👏👏

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    1. Thanks Pauline for the comments, you’re totally right. Definitely this is the right attitude to take forward about how to rise above this negativity. I know the reasons why, and I’ll keep “posing” haha 😂


  2. I’m sorry that you had to deal with such mean, hurtful comments but you are absolutely correct that this person who felt the need to tear at you must be insecure in themselves. And that is a shame, but it’s not your problem to fix. Thank you for posting this.


    1. Thank you for your kind comment, I appreciate it. You’ve hit the nail on the head it’s not my problem to fix. But I know what I am so, it won’t take away from my drive to be the best version of myself.

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  3. Marcus, I don’t use to comment your posts. But I do read them and i love them . I told you what i think about this Sir.m, but I think this same Sir occupies himself too much to evaluate the others and indeed he will loose some time coming here to read, so here it goes : Sir, at age 46 you should be able to recognize what is nice and what is absolutely ridiculous. It’s a shame that you can run a under 3′ marathon and have no humility, worst, shame the runners community. We , runners don’t like such kind of sarcasm, special if it becomes from a fast runner, if you would be a slower runner we would take you as a comediant telling such arguments, as you are fast, we will take it as a fast frustrated runner to who was never given the attention you tough you deserved. Well, but you’re having Now your 5 minutes of fame: we all know you run under 3 and you are a f. Assh.
    Just for your information: there are under 2:30 champions who were not supposed to have future as runners! 😂 I give you one example: Rosa Mota – Olympic winner , world champion , Chicago winner, London Winner, Boston Winner ,etc was sent home for do not be good enough for run – some years later she conquered the world ! No one believed her! But she never had doubts. – believe and hard work pays off Sir. And Marcus is a faithful runner with many dreams. Shut up your mouth and let people dream! And by the way, I never though I would ever be able to finish a marathon, and here I am going to London! And was not a guy like you who I had to guide me, but many like Marcus. You know what is the biggest clap for twats like this Marcus? Focus on your goals and keep doing what you’re doing , because they fall alone. You stand up with a legion of friends. There is a friend mine that said me: I left my team because the best athletes were sending me down. And 2 years later he won the national championship! Of course we are not saying you will become a elite athlete but you can get under 3 yes! And damn you will. You’re fantastic Marcus! What I do with this kind of people? I give a big smile , delete their comment, pray that they find their way to feel better with themselves.😘 – they are just using the ones they think are weaker for feel better. Maybe this sir always wanted to run a ultra and never could, maybe he wanted to win a marathon and never did. Maybe he wanted people look at him like an idol , and people don’t. It’s not your problem. Live to run and run to live.

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    1. So well said Silvia! I love the example of Rosa Mota. I really appreciate the support my friend! Thank you! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


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