iPhone 11 Pro – Photography features

I’ve used various generations of the iPhone for ease of use, to take photos on the move and upload them to my Instagram profile @themarathonmarcus to show my running journey.

I’ve featured mobile photography tips article for the iPhone XS previously.

After a short use of the new iPhone 11 Pro, this article is a high level review of the photography features, which I’ll be experimenting more with in my upcoming Instagram content.

Edited photo taken using the new ultra wide lens

The features that I wanted to test out of the box were:

◦ The triple camera including the Ultra Wide (13 mm) lens;

◦ The new night mode;

◦ Capture outside the frame;

◦ Upgraded portrait features;

◦ Updated photo editing and management.

Triple camera

The 12 megapixels cameras have three standard photo modes. Standing from the same spot the photos below show the differences between the new lenses.

0.5x (ultra wide lens) with a f/2.4 aperture couples with a 120 degree viewing field, which is similar to a 13mm DSLR lens.

1x (main wide lens) with a f/1.8 aperture. This allows the most light in low light photographs.

2x (telephoto lens) with a f/2.0 aperture, which is also good for low light photos.

Night Mode

This is really useful when there’s low light internally, in a restaurant for example, or your outdoors with soft lighting (not bright city lights.

The camera automatically detects low light and the night mode icon shows up adjacent to the flash icon, then it tells you how long you need to hold the iPhone still for.

After you press the shutter button, you get a count down showing the recommended exposure time. 

If you have a tripod or stand, you can remove the automatic settings and experiment with taking longer exposures by pressing the night mode icon to do so.

Capture outside the Frame

Essentially if you take a photo in the main wide lens, it’s also shows the ultra wide lens view, as shown in the semi transparent border below. This allows you to adjust the view, crop or correct the shot.

Upgraded portrait features

In earlier iPhones the portrait mode used the 2x telephoto lens only.

On the iPhone 11 Pro, you have two options of using either the 1x main wide lens or the 2x telephoto lens for portrait shots.

The main wide lens takes better portrait photos in low light due to its faster f/1.8 aperture. The benefit is you can take bigger group shots for example.

There is also a new High-Key Light Mono effect which gives you studio-style photos as shown below.

Updated photo editing and management

This is probably one of my favourite aspects of the new iPhone and the new iOS upgrade.

Historically I’d shoot the photo and edit in a third party app. Now there’s some great editing features in the redesigned Photos app.

For photos, you get new adjustment settings for sharpness, definition, reduction of noise reduction, and adding extra character with the vignette feature.

Additionally you can now edit videos, without using a third party app. You can adjust the perspective, the colour, and do similar adjustments like the photo editing.

To find out more about the iPhone 11 Pro click this link and head over to the Apple website.

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