How to take great photos on the iPhone

The iPhone offers a practical way to take great photos on the go, from selfies, landscapes photos, to portraits, and everything in between.

I use it, to take the majority of my running instagram photos.  In this article I’m going to share some tips, showing you how to take great photos on the iPhone.



Take photos solo

Typically I run solo and don’t have someone taking my photos. Using the self timer mode I use the Kenu Stance Tripod which fits directly into the iPhone X’s Lightning port. It’s versatile as it’s positioning options allows me to take both portrait and landscape photos. It’s small enough to act as a keyring which means it’s easy to take out whilst running.

Setting up the self timer mode



Upgrade your mobile photography

To take your iPhone photography to the next level, take a look at the lenses range by bitplay INC.

The SNAP! X case for iPhone X, is a durable case, with a scratch-proof polycarbonate outer shell and soft TPU shock-absorbing inner shell. It has a physical shutter button, side handles, an option for an arm strap, and a nice collection of lenses, with screw-on filter threads, which fit the lenses securely into the dual mounted fixtures.



bitplay circular polariser filter

A circular polarising filter (CPL) adds depth and contrast to the existing colours, and helps manage reflections, or suppress glare from reflective surfaces. It was quite overcast when taking the photos, but this filter helped make the colour of the leaves pop, with deeper and lighter greens across the colour spectrum.

Polarising filter photo
Standard iPhone photo



bitplay full frame fisheye lens

This is a great way to the widen the landscape in your photos.

Full frame fisheye lens photo
Standard iPhone photo



bitplay Ultra wide angle + Macro lens

The dual lens allows you to take take wide angled photos, then the flexibility to unscrew this lens to then take macro photos.


Ultra wide angle photo
Standard iPhone photo
Macro lens detail of SunGod glasses logo



bitplay Premium HD Telephoto Lens

To capture items further afield this is the go to item, plus it also creates a soft depth field.



bitplay Premium HD Wide Angle Lens & M52 CPL Filter

The CPL filter fits for both premium HD lenses, and adds extra depth to the colours.

Premium HD wide angle lens & M52 CPL Filter photo
Standard iPhone photo



What photo styles can you use?

So as you can see the lenses can help add to your iPhone photography.

For the purpose of this article I’ve kept the photos in landscape view, and made the landscape the main feature rather than the runner.

Premium HD wide angle lens photo

However you can do the reverse and make the runner the focal point within a wider landscape photo such as the examples below.

Premium HD wide angle lens & M52 CPL Filter photo
Premium HD wide angle lens photo

The iPhone’s portrait mode digitally creates a depth field effect and doesn’t require the lenses mentioned. The iPhone X takes photos on portrait mode for both cameras which is a great feature especially for selfies.

Outside of running I’ve captured some great family photos in portrait mode! So my tip with portrait mode is to experiment capturing the two types of photos. The first which you either set the stage for. Secondly experiment capturing the ordinary and unplanned moments.

Best of luck!!


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