Diverse We Run Panel: Thriving & Wellness as a BIPOC Runner

Panel discussion on mental health as a BIPOC runner in 2020 hosted by Carolyn Su and Marcus Brown. The aim for this discussion was to give a platform for BIPOC runners to share about our personal experiences in running, and to not only just provide representation for other BIPOC runners, but to also help broaden the worldview of those already in the majority.

0:15 event intro and how the topic of mental health was chosen, by Carolyn Su

03:35 panelist intros, by Marcus Brown

04:40 intro – Dr. Jenny Wang

05:23 intro – Sabrina Pace-Humphreys

06:27 intro – Maurice Lowman

08:18 intro – Sha Hussain

09:18 Question 1: What barriers have you faced in your running journey, related to your race/ethnicity?

24:32 Question 2: How have the events of 2020 impacted your physical and mental well-being?

43:42 Question 3: What are the tools you’ve learned and put into practice, that have been helpful in managing your well-being; conversely, what are things you’ve done that were not beneficial for your mental health?

1:02:27 Question 4: How can the running community — both individually and collectively — foster wellness and inclusion in running (i.e., what are some things that individuals can do, and what are things that groups/companies can do or need to understand & acknowledge?)

1:19:20 Q&A from attendees

1:32:10 – closing remarks, panelist contact info

This webinar was originally recorded on Oct 24th, 2020.

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