Patti Catalano Dillon – Episode 50

This special 50th episode is with Patti Catalano Dillon who is a Native American, and a former World and American record holder for long distance road racing from 5 miles upto the marathon.

She is a pioneer for women’s athletics. She was the first American woman to run a sub 2:30 marathon, running 2:29:33 in New York in 1980, finishing second to Grete Waitz, who ran a world record (2:25:41) that day.

Patti finished second in Boston in 1981, despite running into the back of a horse (as it was very crowded). She ran an American record 2:27:52. Allison Roe, had to break the course record (2:26:46) to beat her.

The Brazil race story really floored me, as it really shows what makes a champion mindset, even when the odds appear stacked against you.

We discuss:

• How she started running

• Tips to develop a champion mindset

• Overcoming challenges

• Brazil race story (from 1:27)

• Coaching advice including visualisation

You can follow Patti on Instagram @pattispeaks227

To listen on Apple podcast click this link.

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