How to Safely Run With Your Dog

Heidi Bye Svartangen is a Animal Muscle Therapist and Natural Medicine Practitioner. She also teaches, hosts workshops in this field.

Since 2012 she has been the owner of a successful animal clinic, based in Norway. Prior to that she co-owned an animal clinic for 10 years.

Heidi often trains with her running partner and dog Sol (Sun) who features in her social media posts.

In this episode Heidi provides information you’ll need to train your dog to run with you. And how to make your run enjoyable and rewarding for both you and your dog. We discuss the following:

• What breed to get as not all dogs are made for running;

• When to start running. What can you do with the puppy to prepare them for becoming a runners dog;

• Training plan and rest days;

• Dealing with common injuries, musculoskeletal problems;

• Weather – cold, hot, protection gear, clothes, paw protection;

• Planning nutrition pre, post and during long runs;

• Plus much more.

You can follow Heidi on Instagram @heidi.bye.svartangen

To listen to the podcast on Apple podcasts click this link.

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