Lee Ryan – Episode 49

This conversation of a Runner’s Life is with Father, Husband, Runner, Coach 5 x Guinness world record breaker, and Adidas Captain Lee Ryan.

We speak about parenting, the pain of losing a son and his mum. It was a raw, and open conversation. We discuss how running helped him to grieve and how he remains as present as he can be. This is one of my favourite conversations.

Lee’s mindset is exceptional. He shares how the life challenges he’s experienced, have made him more rounded to different angles of life.

This episode was recorded early in lockdown, and we discuss the reasons why he completed a full marathon and 100k in his garden.

After listening and speaking to him, you learn that you can use what you have, to achieve your best, whilst being present for others.

We discuss life truths, understanding the importance of knowing your running why, plus talk about our Boston Marathon 2018 experiences.

You can follow Lee on Instagram @leemryan

You can listen on Apple, Spotify, google etc.

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