Ben Parkes – Episode 47

This conversation of a Runner’s Life is with athlete, coach and creator Ben Parkes.

We dive into how he started running marathons. Aged 18 he got a ballot place for the London marathon ballot, and caught the bug, finishing in 4:03.

He went on to run more marathons, concurrently working in the corporate world, he felt increasingly unfulfilled. And after 10 years he decided to hand in his notice and make his passion for running his business, with the aim to help others exceed their own ambitions. 

Ben set out to learn everything on the subject, he become a running coach. He is also an accomplished runner, in 2018 he earned a marathon PR of 2:25 at the Valencia Marathon.

We discuss how he’s coped with his recent injury. And look at how he aims to be his very best and add value to others running in his work. He achieves this through various methods such as his successful YouTube channel. Which has 64k subscribers.

You can follow Ben on Instagram @benparkes

You can listen on Apple, Spotify, google etc.

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