Nell Rojas – Podcast episode 33

This conversation is Nell Rojas, who is an American professional long-distance runner, coach, business owner, triathlete and winner of the 2019 Grandma’s Marathon (2:28:06). She also competed at the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials and finished in 9th place.

You can listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor etc

We talk about:

The Runners World article she was featured in where Runners Speak Out About Running and Race.

Winning the Bolder Boulder 10k, 40 years after her dad did, and we talk about the lessons he has taught her.

Not getting wrapped up in training numbers. The importance of knowing yourself and trusting your training.

Knowing that strong runners come in more than one body type.

Talent vs hard work.

Racing with Des Linden.

You can follow Nell online:

Instagram: @nell_rojas_running

Coaching: Rojas Athletics

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