David Wyeth – Podcast Episode 19

Episode #19 is available on Podcast platforms including Apple Podcast, Spotify, Anchor etc.

This conversation is with marathoner David Wyeth, who started running marathons in adulthood. What comes across is his focus and diligence which he used to train for his first marathon in under 3 hours, whilst juggling training around family and work.

His drive and determination to give his best effort in races and push his limits is clear. As a such he is known for one of the most memorable finishes of the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon (VMLM). Where he had given his all and was struggling towards the end. It was at this moment that Matthew Rees and David captured a moment of true sportsmanship, and we speak about this dramatic joint finish which is forever an iconic moment of the VMLM.

Episode #19 is available on Podcast platforms including Apple podcast, Spotify, Anchor etc.

We speak about the setback at the 2019 Boston Marsthon, to learn how he refocused and returned to run his current marathon PR of 2:37:29, at the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon which is a tough course, finishing 148 of 53,520 runners.

David is a talented runner but he gets the work done, and I’m looking forward to seeing the development of his marathon journey.

David is on Instagram @david_wyeth

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