Liz Warner – Podcast Episode 14

Runner and philanthropist Liz Warner is running 30 international marathons, before turning 30 in June 2020.

Episode #14 is available on Podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify, Anchor etc

She plans to cover 786 miles, and raise $100,000 for women-focused international organisations.

We dive into why she runs, then why she started the challenge, plus explore the logistics of putting this challenge together. Liz has completed 28 marathons before CV19 and is planning to finish the final 2 virtually.

To get involved for the Run to Reach Virtual Marathon on May 24th – the details are below. However you don’t have to run a full marathon, all distances are welcome. I’ll be doing my normal training run to support.

Use hashtag #R2RVirtualMarathon, tag @runtoreach to get involved.

The Run to Reach, 30 in 30 challenge partners with 20 local Non-Governmental Organisation’s. Each one empowers women in it’s community to become independent, take control of their futures and fight in the face of vulnerability and discrimination.

An example of this is Free to Run, which currently operates in Iraq and Afghanistan, where in 2018 it made connections with over 500 girls from various ethnic backgrounds, conducted nearly 700 sports sessions, led over 250 leadership seminars, and organised 22 volunteer sessions in 4 provinces across the country. In a country ranked among the world’s lowest for educational opportunities, life expectancy, health, and access to justice, Free to Run is paving the way for women and girls to make strong impacts in their communities.

Liz Warner links:

Virtual race:

To donate:

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