Hugh Brasher, Event Director of London Marathon Events – Podcast Episode 13

This Virgin Money London Marathon (VMLM) is the biggest one day charity event in the world, in 2019 it raised £66m. Since it’s inception in 1981 over £1billion has been raised for charitable causes.

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic it was postponed. After running 3:00:19 in the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon, the 40th VMLM was my next race attempt to break the sub 3 hour marathon. However what’s clear is racing for times and personal goals, isn’t a priority right now. As societies collective priorities have changed. Health and wellbeing are now first place.

A positive thing to reflect on, is the current fundraising initiative, the 2.6 challenge in which people can complete a task comprising the numbers two and six. The aim is to support charities whose incomes have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In this episode I spoke to Hugh Brasher the Event Director of London Marathon Events. What is clear is he wants to do the best for society, for the integrity of sport, and honour the core principles of the VMLM, started by his father Chris and John Disley.

This conversation provides an insight into the challenges that his team and their global partners face, in organising international races in a changing landscape.

This podcast will give you further insight from a Race Directors perspective, if you were taking part in VMLM or a similar event.

Episode #13 is available on Podcast platforms including Apple podcast, Spotify, Anchor etc.

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