Karina Junker – Podcast Episode 11

Karina Junker is best known as a succesful actress and one of Hollywood’s most sought-after voice-over artists.

She is graduate of Columbia University and has a master’s degree in clinical psychology.
Junker had to overcome tremendous odds in her 20’s. Her mother, Leticia Junker, was involved in an automobile accident in 2004 that left her in a vegetative state for nearly a decade. Unfortunately, Leticia passed away from complications in 2013. However, Karina attributes her extremely hard work and ethic to this tragedy and has expressed that had it not been for her mother’s car accident, she would not be the person she is today.

This significant event was a key factor in her starting her running journey, combined with working in Hollywood. This means that she is very practical, positive and a resilient person. She takes these fundamentals into her running.She’s an 18-time marathoner, a pacer for the New York Road Runners and a former pacer for the LA Marathon. Junker has ran over thirty races around the world, including TCS New York City Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon, LA Marathon, Schneider Electric Paris Marathon, BMW Frankfurt Marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon, Chevron Houston Marathon, among many others.

You can follow her journey on Instagram @karinajunker

Episode #11 is available on Podcast platforms including Apple podcast, Spotify, Anchor etc.

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