Heidi Bye Svartangen – Podcast Episode 10

Heidi’s running mantra is to enjoy the journey, and to live life as the great adventure that it is.

She has a super positive and optimistic outlook on life. We discuss her ultra running journey, including a 100 mile race, lessons learnt and kit advice for various multi stage races including the 2018 Half Marathon des sables Peru which we both took part in.

Episode #10 is available on Podcast platforms including Apple podcast, Spotify, Anchor etc.

Whilst being a Mum and owner/practitioner of a successful animal muscle therapy practice, she’s also a race director. Due to CV19 she is hosting a virtual race in absence of the planned race called Elevation Ultra 2020. The plan is to cover 45k over several days, with the aim to get as much elevation, as possible over the set distance. It’s happening between May 7-10 or June 5-7 click the link to find out more.

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