How to run safely and stay motivated during CV19 Ft. Coach John – Podcast Episode 1

I’ve launched a podcast titled: A Runner’s Life.

In this episode I interviewed my running coach John Starret @stazzas_stable to ask the questions that runners have been wondering during these unprecedented times. We discuss:

*️⃣ The ways that runners can stay safe to themselves and those around them.

*️⃣How they can modify their training to gain results.

*️⃣ How to stay motivated and connected to both their running community and wider community.

*️⃣ What opportunities runners can seize upon and develop.

*️⃣ And much more…

To listen to the podcast on the following platforms click the link:

◦ ITunes



John can be contacted via the following:

Episode #2… This will discuss how to strengthen your mental focus for your running during current times.

I’ll be in conversation with Duncan who is a Performance Mindset Coach with DSF Coaching. He has worked in coaching, sport science and sport psychology for 15 years. He has worked with runners, athletes, coaches and teams from club level to international level… Stay tuned.

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