Talisa Bracelet Review

Why do I run?

There’s a number of reasons, one of my why’s is my family.

One of my marathon rituals is writing my wife and kids name on my arm.

When I‘m in a difficult moment during the race, I’d imagine different scenarios, such as if my daughter was in the same moment, what would I advise her to do.

Or I’d recall the things, I’d given up to be running that race.

The only issue with writing on your arm is the ink isn’t permanent, unless you go for a tattoo, and due to my day job, a tattoo wouldn’t work.

I came across Talisa bracelets, and really liked that the beads included personalised silver spheres, which you could input your family members names or whatever text that had meaning to you.

My family are a big motivation for me, so this was a no brainier to order one, and save on the ink!!

I ordered the Green Tiger Eye Men Name Bracelet (There is also the same one for Women).

I went for the Green Tiger Eye version, because I liked the aesthetics of the dark swirling colouring, and for the meaning behind the stones.

It’s believed that the Tiger’s Eye stone protects the one wearing it and enabling them to see everything. It’s also a stone of courage, prosperity, and good fortune, all of which are perfect for racing!


◦ Wristband sizes (small 7.5″) or (standard 8.5″)

◦ Bracelet can have 7 possible spheres are that are made of 925 Sterling Silver

◦ This bracelet which includes one sphere costs £89.90 at the time of writing this (March 2020 there is 20% off however I don’t know how long the offer is on for)

◦ Each engraved sphere from the second onwards costs £10 each, and can have up to 10 characters engraved on it

Having a personalised reminder of my family is a perfect reminder of one of my most important why’s.

To find out more and see the many other varied items of personalised jewellery click the links below.

Website: https://www.talisa.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/talisaconnect/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/talisaconnect/

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