London Marathon Training Diary – 54 Days to go

February I ran 247.43 miles

My 29 days looked like this…

☁️ 1 marathon workshop with RD Physio’s supported by New Balance

☁️ 3 rest days

☁️ 7 workout runs (one I wanted to quit due to Storm Ciara, but didn’t)

☁️ 18 easy paced runs (no doubles)

☁️ Ran through Storm Ciara. Each weekend has had adverse weather…

☁️ 1 cancelled half marathon by Storm Dennis

☁️ 7 strengthening and conditioning sessions

☁️ Early morning runs 😑 💤 where my motivation wasn’t always high, & my why’s got tested

☁️ 29 days juggling family, work, training/recovery

☁️ 29 Days banked for the London Marathon


    1. No. I can’t worry about what may or may not happen for external events, my energy is best placed focusing on my training. What will be, will be.


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