Manchester Marathon 2020 Training Diary – 133 days to go

After running the TCS NYC Marathon I took 2 weeks off running. Unless my life depended on it, I wasn’t running for anything.

Being called out by my Apple Watch Series 5…

It was a good opportunity to reflect, celebrate the wins and be honest with myself about the things that I can work on, as I start working towards Manchester 2020.

Thanks to SportyMaps for creating this poster for my PB in NYC.

Coach John gave me a week of easy paced running amounting to 42 miles. It wasn’t helped by wearing the fast and responsive second generation On Cloudfow, which I fully blame for running faster in segments. I’ve run in them this week and like them. They are similar to the first generation, very snappy due to the speed board, but they have added cushioning, without gaining weight.

Moving on swiftly (bad pun) I’ve started a new strengthening programme with Adrian at R&D Physio which I’ll be sharing in upcoming posts.

Project PB: Manchester Marathon 2020

2019 I’ve gone for my sub 3 goal solo, but 2020 I wanted to try something different.

I had the idea to setup a group to connect runners from across the U.K. who are targeting a PB at the 2020 Manchester Marathon. By creating accountability and support over the winter training months and in the race.

I thought I’d get a few people… But it’s amazing to see it growing, and what the members are bringing to the table. Next April is going to be great.

So far 109 runners, have logged 584 activities, logging 2,891 miles, which have been banked for Manchester Marathon PB’s.

If you’d like to join, look us up on Facebook groups & Strava clubs under: Project PB: Manchester Marathon 2020

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