IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro Review

I’ve used the IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro for my run commutes for over six months now, and I wanted to share my thoughts after this period of use.

Straight out of the box and six months down the line, it’s a quality product both aesthetically and functionally. It still looks good after several months use.

What is it?

It’s a lightweight water resistant hard case backpack designed for people on the move.

Tech Specs:

  • Height 380mm
  • Width 265mm
  • Depth 105mm
  • Weight 945g
  • Volume 10 litres.


Primarily I use it on my work commute. Also I’ve used it for run commutes to the gym or when leading ASICS Run Club classes. It has limited bounce and you can adjust the straps to provide a good fit whilst running.

In terms of safety there is an integrated whistle on the sternum strap buckle, and there are reflective strips for visibility in low lighting.

It’s very comfortable to wear, helped by the 4 foam pods on the back.

The backpack is fully water resistant. Around the straps, for easy access it has sealed pockets to hold personal items like cash and phones etc.

Externally there is a elastic cord system included with the rigid case. The benefit is it allows you to attach other items. Such as a shoe bag (which you have to buy separately).

When opened it has two compartments. The first is a laptop compartment which is suitable for a 13.5″ laptop and second is an inner zipped compartment. The hard case keeps your contents safe.

It’s designed to keep your work clothes wrinkle-free as you travel from A to B. Provided is a plastic A4 folding assistant card which helps fold your clothes around, plus it doubles up showing instructions of how to fold clothes securely.

Furthermore you can purchase a wash bag to keep your used clothes separate from other items your carrying.

Unlike a regular or a large backpack which will roll and shake, this backpack has been well designed ergonomically to distribute the loads, so you can run with minimal bounce.

However the trade off is you have to be conscientious with what you take, as you have to plan with the space that you have. With a full bag packed with your laptop etc space will come at a premium. However if your smart you can use the external shoe bag and the external cords to store other items.


Whilst this costs more than a regular backpack, for the investment you get a quality backpack that’s designed to run commute in. With a regular backpack you’d have to hold the straps, but with this you can run without doing that.

After six months of daily use and I wouldn’t run commute in a regular backpack now, and would use my IAMRUNBOX backpack. Also running aside, practically the hard case is perfect to protect my work laptop better than a soft material backpack.

Discount code:

  • 15% discount code: ActiveNewYear

This code is active until the 25th June 2019

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