TCS NYC Marathon 2018: 20 Days to go

So with the TCS NYC Marathon only 20 days away this is a brief overview of my recent training, in the buildup from 7-14 October 2018.

Sunday: I was invited by the UK charity Shelter to run their 15 mile Urban Rush race in London, which I finished first place overall.

However while it was great to get a podium place, more importantly it was an opportunity to raise money and awareness about the lack of safe, secure and affordable homes which is impacting people across the whole country. UK figures suggest that 3 million families could be one pay check from losing their home. Everyday 110 families in England become homeless. This event was about supporting the important work that they do.

Monday: AM: 67 minutes at Despacito pace!

PM: Leading the ASICS London Run Club with Lotta and Juho. 4 easy paced miles in Hyde Park, whilst I was on tired legs, so was Lotta who had raced on the weekend. But not even tired legs could dampen the mood! There’s a great group of runners who attend regularly, for me running/chatting was a great finish to the day.

Tuesday: Typically I run before work, but I did a run commute to the Altitude Centre in London, for a 65 minutes easy pace run at simulated altitude.

Run commute with Iamrunbox backpack pro

Wednesday: So another 15 miler! It was broken down into 3 sets of 5 miles run at a progressively faster pace. Post run my legs definitely felt it for most of the day. During these higher mileage weeks I make sure I up my protein intake and take on extra SiS supplements such as taking Zinc and Vitamin C tablets to support and maintain immune function which is suppressed following a heavy workout. Coupled with the fact my daughter has a cold, I’m fighting it on two fronts!

Thursday: 65 minutes at Despacito pace!

Friday: 65 minutes easy pace, with some strides as a sharpener.

Saturday: 65 minutes easy pace and saving my legs for tomorrow’s 23 miler.

Sunday: 23 miler – Split into the following segments

  • 3 miles warm up;
  • 18 miles slower than marathon effort;
  • 2 miles warm down shuffle.

Sunday’s run was a battle against my mind and the built up fatigue. From about 11.5 to 18 miles, I ran into a headwind & rain, it felt like I was an extra on Michael Jackson’s Earth Song video. But it wasn’t as bad as Boston 2018!

Then the rest of the day was managing first world problems of being tired and hungry following marathon training.

However on the flip side training this week was tough. Following a race your physically and mentally tired from the effort, and then to be straight back into training was challenging. I’d be lying if I said I wanted to train some days, but my running why gets me moving.

In the tough moments whilst running, I refocused on my running why’s. When I’m tired during a run, that’s where the training starts, I pretend that I’m running the last 10k of the marathon. It’s good practice to go through my mantras/why’s etc. when the going gets tough on race day.

Each training day brings something different to pay attention too, the important thing is to keep showing up each day and doing your best in each moment … 20 days to go to the TCS NYC Marathon!

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