TCS New York City Marathon 2018 – It Will Move You Campaign

This race personally is a special one as it was the catalyst for my six star journey.

Prior to signing up, I talked myself out of running the NYC Marathon, but after speaking to my friend Jo, she told me about her NYC Marathon experience, and it gave me the confidence to stop thinking small and to just go for it.


I’m proud to be apart the It Will Move You Campaign which is an official microsite providing advice for people running the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon.

This page will be updated with the new articles as they become live. The current blog links are below:

  1. #MovedMe: Bloggers Reveal Their Favorite Parts of the TCS NYC Marathon Course
  2. From Summer Humidity to Fall Winds: Top Tips on How to Dress Right on Race Day
  3. ‘Don’t Go Out Too Fast’: Tips on How to Run Your Best New York City Marathon
  4. ‘Rest Before Race Day. Be a Tourist After the Race!’ Top Tips for International Runners


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