Being apart of the FrontRunner programme is a great opportunity to meet people that are passionate about running from all abilities. The UK ASICS FrontRunner Meet-up whilst being fun and informative, the thing I enjoyed the most was the Sunday morning run.

Before I talk about Sunday, I need to take you back to Saturday at 4:45am.

I slowly get out of bed, to complete my tempo and speed work from my training plan. I run as follows:

  • 30 min warm up;
  • 40 min tempo with 5 min easy;
  • 45 sec on/off reps at 5k pace with warm down.

I hit my targets, but I’m late and I rush my last warm down to get home, get changed and on the train to Bath to meet my other FrontRunner Team mates who are shortly about to run the local parkrun.

The meet up started on Friday, but due to childcare and my training plan I had to be adaptable. At the moment I’m working to improve my speed, before adding it to long endurance runs. Whilst doing the Parkrun 5k would had been fun, completing my key training session was more important.

Whilst a lot happened over the weekend I’m focusing this blog on how being apart of this programme is helping raise my own standards as I look to improve my running.

Simply if you want to improve, you have to learn and study from those more successful than you. It was great to learn from Martin Rush, Luke Gunn and Mikael Huggins etc. about prioritising your races based on your goals, whilst learn training techniques, running drills, and hearing their own experiences of competing and coaching athletes at an elite level. And how that can translate to runner’s at all levels.

We received the new kit drop featuring the customised Kenun footwear and the Lite-Show Jacket which is suitable for winter running in low light due to it’s reflectivity.

On Sunday morning, after a few drinks and a late night, my fellow FrontRunners and I had the opportunity to run with Olympian & professional triathlete Kerry O’Flaherty and Catherine Jameson.

With Kerry, Lis, Blake, and Catherine

So to be clear their easier paced run is close to my anticipated marathon pace!! So with the perfect morning prep… 4.5 hours sleep… ok 4ish… no breakfast, bar a cup of coffee. My aim of the run was to hang in there and not quit.

On one hand I could hear my coach saying you should be running a easy paced run after your training on Saturday, but much against wise advice, I ran alongside the group. Whilst it’s a good confidence boost to run two tempo runs on consecutive days, for my training longevity for Boston it’s not something I’ll be repeating in hurry soon! Or advise!

Most of my runs are done solo, so it was a great learning experience to run with elite runners like Kerry, who has a really good and efficient running form. She gave us some great tips on arm placement for runners which I placed on my Instagram stories recently. Essentially energy can be wasted with twisting of the core and arms. Something I covered in my vlog for the Running School.

To get good at anything you need consistent action towards that goal, and it was great to see it in practice from the elites in the morning run.

Thanks to Holly and Gazz for organising!


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