Jaybird X3 Review

After using Jaybird X3 wireless headphones below for a few weeks, I've been really impressed with them and below is a summary of my experience.

  • Sturdy and good build quality;
  • Sweat resistant;

  • Great battery life of 8 hours, from a 20 minute charge;
  • Great fit. There's plenty of fitting options, with three different sizes of fins, compression foam tips and silicone tips, as well as a shirt clip and two cable-shortening clips. I find that the compression tips have the best fit of any wireless running headphone I've used, regardless of sweat or movement it stays in my ear with no adjustments to the bud's required, which can distract me from my run;

  • The buds can be paired simultaneously for two separate devices;
  • Smart port-free charging;

  • You can take calls or listen to music, whilst using the remote control which is easy to use. However I'm a creature of habit so I tend to change tracks etc. direct from my garmin watch;
  • The voice prompts are helpful, i.e. when you turn the headphones on, it updates you with the battery life;

  • Good Bluetooth reliability, I've experienced minimal breaks in sound in comparison to other headphones I've used;
  • Whilst the stock sound quality is decent. My favourite part is the MySound app which allows you to customise the sound, which is where these headphones really excel;

After using the third generation of the Jaybird headphones for a short time, it really comes across that they are designed for runners as shown, in the development of the fit. Additionally attention is payed to the sound quality through the app. Overall this is a great product and worth the investment.

You can find out more about the headphones by clicking this link.

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