Regalo Wearable Pocket Review

Most of my running shorts/tights only have a small pocket to hold my keys, but it’s important to also store other personal items like phones, money etc. So here are my thoughts using the Regalo Wearable Pocket.

There is no chaffing, caused by a belt or restrictive bands. It is secured using two powerful magnetic clips that give the flexibility to open and close the pocket with ease. So I tend to place it at the back of my shorts, but you can generally place it anywhere around the band of your shorts or tights, but overall it provides a secure fit.

It’s sweat and water resistant due to it’s high-grade neoprene and nylon finish which also is washable and skin friendly. Furthermore the edge to edge zipper is waterproof.

Aesthetically it has a clean looking minimalist design. Whilst internally it has several secure storage compartments, which hold my valuables.

Although I tend to use wireless headphones, the Regalo pocket has a flexible earphone hole built in if required.

The pocket is perfect for storing your valuables whilst training or racing. It’s width comfortably holds an iPhone 7, therefore if you need to store additional nutritional items like gels and food for a race then you will need to use additional storage. For a marathon where you need to store gels etc. a SpiBelt would be more suitable.

It’s currently available in black, grey and neon yellow.

Price-wise it’s comparable to other similar products at £21.55. However you can get $5 AUD off which is approx. £3 using discount code: MM5

I’ve been using this product for just over a month and for the reasons noted above, for me it’s one of the best accessories for storing my belongings whilst running, due to the water resistance and it’s secure fit.

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  1. So if there’s enough room for an iPhone 7, how will an iPhone 7 Plus fit in? Apart from that little drawback it seems to be a fairly great piece of running gear.

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    1. Hi the width of the pocket is 18.5cm and length of 11cm so it will fit an iPhone 7 plus. I understand that a bigger size of the pocket is coming soon.

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