Look in the mirror, your only competition is yourself.

It’s easy to look at others running stats on social media (SM) and start comparing ourselves to other people. But everyone’s on different journeys, don’t lose sight of the targets you can accomplish.

Every workout is a step closer to your own goals, no matter how small they may seem today, they will add up to something bigger.

My long run last week was really difficult, at times I questioned my running ability. Although I achieved my workout target, some days feel easy, but some days like this are challenging.

It’s easy to look at SM posts of successes BUT most days are pure grunt work, the fails, the misses, days your tired or don’t want to train, and the hard days that every single person has.

Appreciate the whole journey. Don’t just welcome successes, you have to embrace the difficult moments to grow. Remember how far you’ve come and grown, and keep working hard.

📷 Cover photo by @annarachphotography



  1. Great post and something I try to keep in mind after a grim run! And yes, very important to not get dragged into comparisons with others – if I did, I would have stopped running years ago!

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