Too Many T-Shirts Blanket Review

My first official run I entered was the 2006, Nike Run London: North vs. South. This was a reluctant entry as my friend Ben had been trying to get me to run 10k/half marathon distances before, and I always had an excuse. Too far, no kit, not fit enough etc. But in reality I was daunted by the prospect of running long distance for the first time.

Cutting a long story short… I found it tough, but this race started my running adventure, and the collection of a copious amount of race t shirts. Some I’ve thrown away, some I’ve kept and stored but haven’t worn again.

Fast forward 2017 the shirt I received from my first 10k was very ‘tired’ looking. But I couldn’t bring it on myself to throw it away because of the memories attached to it. I’d often wear it but never posted myself photographed in it.

I first heard about Too Many T-Shirts on Instagram and liked what I saw. The concept is simple they up-cycle old but beloved t-shirts, into a brand new memory blanket.

From start to finish it’s a really easy and quick process. Online I ordered the 25 blanket option, selected the backing material etc. and in a short time I was sent the packing information, with clear instructions and free postage to send the t-shirts back.

When I look at the finished blanket, in addition to my first 10k, it has a collection of other memories, from my marathon PR in Manchester, to running my first international marathon in Amsterdam. Plus it has my vests, running the London Marathon on several occasions for The Anthony Nolan Trust.

Overall I am really impressed with the finished work and quality of the blanket.

It’s a really simple idea to create something from items I no longer use and in some cases binned.

Thanks to Simon and Victoria for really delivering on creating a tailored and personalised memory blanket.

Please see the contact details below:

(May 2018 – Too many t shirts are crowdfunding to support them click this link)


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