Chicago Marathon: Training Summary 25/6/17 

Below is a brief video summary of this week in training featuring my song of the week ‘Till I collapse by Eminem. It’s my first video experiments using the Decathlon Geonaute G-EYE 900 4K action camera.

This week I ran 55.8 miles consisting of five easy paced runs and two speed work sessions from my coach. Midweek I had a running form lesson at the Running School in the city (London) focusing on arm and leg drive.

Training was rough this week, as I had a bug which meant I had to rearrange my weekend long and short runs. For the long run I still wasn’t 100% but I went for an easy paced warm up to see how I felt, and I was ok to keep going which I’m grateful to have been able to complete.

Runners Question: Thanks to Tai for taking part in this weeks runners question where I asked, what one lesson which you’ve learnt in running, which you can apply to your life?

Tai: The one lesson I’ve learned through running which I can apply in my life is to STAY COMMITTED. So often we give up on runs/life goals/challenges do to negative thoughts, loss of commitment, or obstacles. Every time I have a difficult run and I want to quit I remind myself to stay committed!

Commitment takes passion and determination; all three of these attributes make you a better runner and better person! Staying committed to any goal makes the final outcome all the more rewarding!


      1. All good, short a few miles as after doing marathon distance yesterday, 10 wasn’t going to happen today but instead 5 with mainly walking…. so tired! And look after yourself!

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