ASICS FrontRunner International Meeting 2017

A review of the first international international meet up.

As part of the U.K. team I was invited to take part in the first ASICS FrontRunner International Meeting in Germany.

Click on this link to read up about it and see some video content of the event.


    1. So this programme started in Germany years ago and expanded into other countries. For the UK and other countries there was an application last year, I applied and was fortunate to be accepted onto the programme.

      If you google ASICS FrontRunner I think you can give your email, for notification of the next round of applications.

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      1. Oh that’s awesome! I don’t think I’d want to be ASICS frontrunner, because I know so little about the brand and I have one shirt from them because of Paris marathon 😂🙈 But I’ll google about Nike frontrunner! I would be so qualified for that 🙃

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