Training summary: Paris Marathon March 2017

Training overview: 

Since returning from Tokyo…

  • I joined a local running club;
  • As recommended by my physio I’ve increased my strengthen and conditioning to help strengthen the areas around my IT Band, which has allowed me to continue running but I’m taking it one day at a time. However I’ve been able to slowly increase my running and break the 60 mile barrier this week.
  • It’s not been easy, there has been a lot of daily stretching, icing, and foam rolling etc. 

I’m not putting myself under pressure for a PR time in Paris, I’m trusting in the training I’ve done and I’m going to enjoy the race day.

Upcoming events:

Build up races are important for marathons as it’s good way to gauge your predicted performance in future races.

Before the Paris marathon I’m going to the Greater Manchester Marathon, but I’m running in the Half Marathon relay. Thanks to the ASICS FrontRunner programme for the entry place. I have good memories of this event as I ran my Marathon PR here. 

Later in the year prior to the Chicago Marathon I will be running the Ealing Half Marathon on 24 September 2017. Thanks to the race organisers for giving me a place. I’m really looking forward to taking part as it’s a very popular race, as it’s won the best UK Half Marathon three years in a row at the Running Awards. Spaces are still available but probably not for long, due to popular demand.

Beyond the races above, I’m always keen to learn as I develop my running. In the coming weeks I’m looking forward to working with The Running School as I look to run more efficiently and increase my speed, I’ll be featuring the progress in upcoming articles.

Nutrition overview:

In the buildup to Paris, I’ve been working on my fuel strategy supported by Science in Sport. I’ve worked on finding the right balance of taking on board carbs, water, electrolytes etc. Which I’ve gone into more detail in my marathon nutrition blog. But it’s important to find what works for you before the race. 

At the moment I run six days a week and although pre and during the run are important for nutrition, post workout I’m conscientious of not exceeding the optimum 30min window after the run to take on board fuel, as this is the point the body is more receptive to aid recovery.

If I miss this window I’ll be more fatigued for the rest of the day and it negatively impacts my training for the following day. So as a minimum I ensure I have my SiS Rego recovery shake prepared before I have a meal. After using it for a over month I’ve noticed an improvement in my body’s ability to recover quicker, even when I’ve done double sessions.

Outside of training:

In between the seriousness and responsibilities of life, having fun and a good laugh is so important to a balanced life. 

About a year ago I asked for juggling balls as one of my Christmas presents, and with a lot of patience I learnt how to do it. I thought this random skill may have been wasted, never to see the light of day.

However thanks to the team at Decathlon for hosting a Treasure Hunt at the Surrey Quays store for fellow bloggers. I was in the Blue team with Corey and Helen. During the task there was a full basket of tennis balls and Corey asked me if I could juggle. So I’m glad this random skill got some air time…that pun was for free!

In solving the questionnaire tasks, it meant covering a lot of ground through the store, and seeing first hand the sheer volume of sports catered for at very reasonable prices, which went beyond running, hiking, fitness, swimming etc.

Often as a runner I go for a long run and I carry my water bottle, like a hot potato I’m switching it between both hands, which does get annoying during the long runs. (Yes I know runner’s problems…) One of the gifts I was given at the event was the Kalenji 500ml bottle belt which holds a titled bottle, which is designed for runners wanting quick access to drinks as they run. Not having to carry a water bottle is abit of a game changer for me and I’m looking forward to using this on my upcoming long runs.


  1. Great miles Marcus and great to hear your ITB issue seems to be resolving. I’m also trying the nutrition advice from SiS – currently sitting here after many many carbs in prep for 20 miles in Kingston tomorrow. And great juggling! I’ll see you at Ealing Half if not before. Cheers and happy running!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sophie! Those gels make the carbo loading abit easier. Good luck for your run tomorrow, I’m aiming to do 18m tomorrow. Yes see you there if not before!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I seems like 🙂 I will test my training during the marathon! Your blog and Instagram are so great, and motivational! It is a great idea to run every major marathon. You should consider Milan 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you 😊👍🏽 That is on my list of marathons to run post Majors. What did you think of the Milan marathon?


      3. I signed up for it last year, but couldn’t go. I just know that it will be fun, since the city is extremely beautiful and the roads are amazing. :)) Will run it next year for sure

        Liked by 1 person

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