Training summary: Tokyo Marathon – February 2017

Training overview:

Everyone has setbacks, and a key lesson I’ve learnt in coming back from injury, is that it doesn’t matter, where you are, when you start or restart. As long as your consistent on a daily basis, and stay committed to keep working hard especially on the days, when your fatigued and don’t feel like it.

I started this cycle of marathon training in December 2016, and with the Tokyo Marathon only four weeks away, my total mileage in January 2017 is higher than any month in 2016, even including my four marathons, which gives me confidence as I approach the race.

However… I’m aware that to run a fast marathon, is about months of consistent and quality training, which I haven’t had, so I will enjoy Tokyo for what it is, as I keep working towards my long term goal, in the coming months.

One core part of my training which SOAR Running coach Ben Noad has focused on, is gradually building my strength up and getting time on my feet.

Data from Strava backs up this fact. Unsurprisingly, the faster the marathon finisher, the more miles they put in, and the more runs they do. For example the average time spent running per week for Sub 3-hour finishers is approx. 5hs and 22mins, whereas 3-4 hour finishers clocked a time of approx. 3hrs 51mins.

Whilst running high mileage is important, there’s so many parts to the equation of running fast which I haven’t noted in this article. 


One key part of training is the post run recovery. There are a lot of options, I use DOMS Ease aromatherapy oil for sports massages, plus there is, stretching, foam rolling, icing etc. 

Furthermore strength and conditioning is also key to running at your best, one exercise I work on is the around the world plank, as demonstrated in the link below.

In addition to the above, I’ve also found that the Enertor performance insoles have really helped provide more support to help reduce the chance of developing injuries. 

I’ve been really impressed with them, that I got my wife a pair of the same insoles. 

You can get £10 off by using the code: MARCUS10 from Enertor, the link is below

Upcoming events:

I took part in the SOAR winter warmer series this month, with races from a mile and 3000m. There were some seriously quick people there, I believe the winner of the mile clocked 4:04min. It was a great experience to witness and take part in. When I started out running I was a double digit mile runner, I’m proud to achieve a mile PR 5:53 in yesterday’s race, but I’ve got to keep working hard, to improve. Below is a snapshot video of the day.

So with the marathon race almost here, I’m going to be running the Victoria Park Half Marathon on 12 February, and this will give Ben and I, a good idea of where I am in terms of pace for Tokyo. 

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