How to function at an optimal level advice from Patrick Fisher

As part of my blog I believe it’s important to share common and shared experiences, in particular in gaining the balance between a healthy body and mind. 

A friend of mine Patrick Fisher who is an artist, athlete, entrepreneur and founder of GAMUT wrote a great post on Facebook offering advice he uses to function at an optimal level, and he’s kindly allowed me to share it on my blog.

If you’re ever wondering why you don’t feel good physically mentally and spiritually just ask yourself these questions (all of these go hand in hand):

How much water did I drink today? 

Get your gallon in. 

How much sleep did I get last night? 

Get 7-9 hours.

How many hours did I spend on my phone today? 

Only use social media in small doses to have fun or quickly check in or promote. 

What foods did I put in my body today? 

If the answer is clean foods rich in nutrients and made with love you are golden. Don’t forget your supplements like spirulina, B vitamins, nutritional yeast etc. 

How many hours of physical activity did I do today? 

In my opinion should be 3 hours minimum. Find what you love and do it. 

How many minutes of peace and quiet/meditation/prayer did I get in today? 

At least recharge for 10 min per day. You won’t believe how good you can feel with such minimal effort. 

How much physical touch/contact did I make with other humans today? 

At least get a few hugs and handshakes in. 

Did I connect with nature at all? 

Look at the sun, watch the sunset, sit by a tree. Can be very simple. Look at the moon at night. 

Did I do something creative today? 

Should have a chance to do at least one thing, whether at work or an art project or musical instrument. If you didn’t, go draw or journal or start learning something new on the side. 

How many times did I do something for someone else or bring them up/brighten their day? 

This should happen a few times per day. 

What am I grateful for?

Did I wake up and go to sleep and thank the universe, or god or whatever you want to call it, for this life and opportunity, no matter what mental state you are in? Be grateful. 

If you do those things on the list you will be buzzing with positive energy and able to create the life you want. All these things go hand in hand and can be effortless. 

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