In the morning it’s easy to take care of things we can physically see. 

But in terms of mental health it’s so important to take care of the mind also. If we look at our basic emotions of fear or love these can subconsciously dictate our conscious moods for the day. Hence why it’s important to get the mind focused to best serve you, for that day.

Try this for 10mins. 

1. If your facing a challenge, ask what one thing you can do to make a positive difference today.

2. Think of approx. 3 things your grateful for.

3. Think of approx. 3 goals/values your committed to achieving.

Some people pray, some people mediate etc. but these are different ways of getting your mind focused in a way that will better serve you. What’s suggested above can be modified to suit based on what works for you. You could even do it with or without exercise. 

For more motivation have a listen to Tony Robbins morning ritual.


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