New Year, New Me Delusion

I believe we need to relook New Years Resolutions, as they don’t work in their current form.

With your “New” New Years Resolutions, I challenge you to focus on processes not the outcome.

If you spend time looking outside of yourself for what you don’t have, then you may not pay attention to what’s in your life and miss the things to be grateful for.

What concerns me about “some” New Years resolutions, is when they are base level goals, focused on doing things we think we should do, to impress people we don’t really like. 

Then if you achieve the goal you set a bigger one. Or if you don’t achieve it, you berate yourself for thinking big, and you stay small.

If there is no meaningful “why” behind what your doing, that will make you continue when you feel like quitting, you will quit when the going gets tough.

Rather than list goals for what your not, and just reinforce how far you are, from where you want to be. (Forget the word goal, think of values). Why not just pay attention to developing your own values that will reveal more of who you already are?

Then everyday work to revealing those values. Push outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes your values will adapt and change as you start to strip away the inessentials and listen to your authentic voice. There will be days when you don’t want to work on it. But like running training, strength and growth comes following the hard workouts.

Don’t base any change in your life, to be set on the start of any calendar year, insecurities or other people’s judgments. If your going to build a wall spend a lifetime building it, don’t knock it down and build a new one every 365 days.

Remember focus on processes not the outcome. 


Start by noting what your grateful for.

Start doing the things that really matter to you and be consistent.

Warning ⚠️ Have a look at this video for a comedic outlook on what I wrote. However if you don’t like swearing and consider yourself easily offended I would give it a miss.


  1. Good info. Focus on values and processes. Bring out more if the best within me. I think that if we focus on our values, processe’s eventually some of the resolutions we make or think will naturally take course in time. Something to think about…. I never thought about a marathon until I simply stated losing weight. Once I pulled \ learned more about myself a marathon made sense and was achievable.

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