Training summary: Tokyo Marathon – January 2017

This is my first training summary in the lead up to the 2017 Tokyo Marathon. Thanks to the SOAR Running ambassador programme, I’m being coached by Ben Noad. 

The training programme began with timed running at an easy pace, coupled with strengthening and conditioning, plus rest days to help me build up my mileage slowly.

My first two runs I took it easy it, and as my thoughts of my Achilles troubles decreased I took off the hand break in my third and fourth run. One training run I was told, if I had no injury problems, to run a faster pace for the last 5-10min, however I decided to go over and above this…so I ran the last 5k at a negative split much faster than my coach specified.

Ben correctly reminded me to be mindful to keep the pace set in the programme, as the quicker I run, the more I’d move onto my toes which puts extra pressure through my Achilles. The lesson learnt is that the early part of training is to be run at an easier pace to build an aerobic foundation, and not aggravate the Achilles.  

Once it was established I could run without issues to the Achilles, Ben began to introduce some speed work through interval training from Week 3 of my programme. Where I’d run at easy pace for a set period, then run close to 3hour marathon pace, followed by running at an easy pace. The first interval run was very very tough, but I know that my body will adapt and get stronger, but I appreciate that this is the start of the training programme.

When it got tough I reminded myself to welcome the discomfort as it would make me stronger for the Tokyo Marathon. Nothing worth having comes easy.

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