London Marathon 2015

World major marathon ran for second time – London completed in 2010 – 4:11:56

Approx. 6 weeks before the race I had an Achilles injury, with about 4 weeks of frustration, it didn’t fully recover until 2 weeks before the marathon. I ran 15 miles on the Sunday before and felt OK to enter. In hindsight I wasn’t fit enough to start but stubbornness got me to the start line, as I was still upset with my first time in London.

I was surprised that I was on sub 4 hours pace at mile 20. I felt OK and felt maybe the sub 4 was on…But the weeks off in regards to the lack of training really kicked in and I struggled. The phrase that the marathon is a 10k with a 20 mile warm up run was so apt here.

But considering how little training I got, I was proud of the time, considering physically I wasn’t ready, but my mental stubbornness got me across the line.


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