“Ultimately we all have to decide for ourselves what constitutes failure, but the world is quite eager to give you a set of criteria if you let it.”JK Rowley

This quote sums up a recent experience where my abilities and disability were put under the spotlight, however at the time I took the reasons based on face value which exacerbated the situation. Unfortunately it’s only with hindsight that I can see the situation for what it was and wasn’t.

There will be people that will feel threatened by you, hate you, or simply don’t believe in you based on their own fears. They will put you down. They will use your ‘weaknesses’ to try and keep you down, only to push themselves up to mask their own weaknesses. Be careful of the information that you disclose, because they will use any of your ‘weaknesses’ to keep you on your knees, to make you feel inferior to them.

Whatever the real reason is, that is behind the facade, it’s complicated and you may never find out what the real reason of discrimination is. What I’ve realised is that broken people consciously or unconsciously end up trying to break other people.

Three lessons which I have learned from running marathons which can be used in life are:

1. Self belief

2. Optimism

3. Resilience

But humility needs to be exercised, now I’m not advocating blind self belief. Know your worth, and be mindful when someone is trying to take that from you. You need to trust yourself even when all others doubt you, but allow space to consider the other view.

I’ve learnt that when others have turned their back on you, remember those three lessons which translate in marathon running and in life. Even in your lowest point never turn your back on yourself.

I’ve learnt that even if you find yourself in a difficult place, just remember it is temporary and although you can’t see at the time it is a big lesson which will give you so much more strength in the future.

To re-emphasise even if you can’t see your progress at the time, trust in yourself, trust the process and move forward. It’s only when you look back you’ll see the progress.

There will be alot of conscious and subconscious noise but it starts with trusting yourself, and rising each time. There will be hardship but have a listen to this classic poem is which partially recited by one of the greatest all time tennis players Serena Williams, and also is a link for the full version by the poet Maya Angelou.


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