10 Great ways to be unhappy

There is a lot of focus on what makes us happy, but if you want to be unhappy please take up the following tips! 

Please note…I do have a dry sense of humour, so just humour me.

1. Hunt for happiness… Focus on what makes YOU happy only;

2. Hate what you see… Consciously buy something to improve the unconscious issue;

3. Avoid rejection… Exist in a bubble were no pain exists;

4. Live in the past and the future… Could of, would of, should of;

5. Do nothing led a sedentary life… Don’t do anything, don’t see anyone and hope to feel better;

6. Live for yourself…Think about yourself to the point that, you become blind to all people and opportunities around you;

7. Question everything… Kind acts, people’s intentions, overthink everything;

8. Be a perfectionist… Narrowly label yourself for added effect;

9. Compare your life with others…Imagine what a fascinating life they are leading;

10. Consume the wrong fuel… Eating unhealthily and taking drugs (legal and illegal) will not mask the pain or help you feel better.

To be honest this list could of been longer, but I digress…so to conclude, I hope that the sentiment hasn’t been lost in my sarcasm. So if you want to be unhappy carry out this advice.

But think about these final points if you want more..
– If you want to be unhappy make sure that your expectations continue to exceed reality.

– Also don’t talk about your problems, see them as a weakness and something to be ashamed of. Let it hold you back and don’t consider how to turn it into a strength.

If there’s something troubling you (seriously) then get in touch with the Samaritans (UK/ROI) phone 116123. They are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This number is FREE to call.

Thanks and regards 

Marathon Marcus

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